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Professional qualification course in Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Therapeutics, Therapeutic Massage and Anatomy & Physiology held at Regent's University London over 20 non-consecutive weekends


We are dedicated here at the Institute to providing the very best in professional Aromatherapy and complementary healthcare training. The qualifications that we award in these fields are widely respected, and lead to membership of the world’s leading professional association — the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

Since 1987, the Institute has gained an international reputation for excellence in Aromatherapy education. Our main Diploma Course in Professional Aromatherapy is a comprehensive, integrated training programme — a dynamic blend of scientific and holistic, Eastern and Western therapeutic approaches. It is carefully designed to provide students with all the necessary skills and knowledge to practice Clinical Aromatherapy safely and effectively, and in addition serves as a specialist training resource for those pursuing careers in the expanding essential oil product industries.

The aim of the Institute is to teach Aromatherapy as a complete healing art — one which takes a truly holistic approach to essential oils and their therapeutic uses. By making traditional healing wisdom a central focus, theoretical knowledge is able to develop hand-in-hand with intuitive and practical skills.

With his background in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu, Gabriel Mojay has developed an approach to Aromatherapy that unites a sound scientific perspective with the basic principles of Oriental Medicine — the world’s most highly-developed holistic healthcare system. Oriental Health Assessment allows us to select the most appropriate essential oils for a wide range of ailments — together with minor conditions where no clearly-defined disease exists. Rather than focus solely on a client’s symptoms, the inherently holistic approach of Oriental Medicine concentrates on addressing the underlying imbalances at the root of any health problem.

At the same time, we give our Aromatherapy Diploma students a firm foundation in the scientific aspects of Aromatherapy, including the biology and chemistry of essential oils, and their safe application based on the latest research. Our study of 70 essential oils and their main chemotypes is geared towards a thorough of understanding their medicinal properties and uses as well as their energetic effects on the body and mind.

Clinical Aromatherapy is a special system of natural healing, and calls for a special approach to its instruction. There are no short cuts to mastering a practice that is as deep and as multifaceted as Aromatherapy, in terms of both its scientific foundations and therapeutic methodology.

The Diploma Course outlined here is a homage to its healing potential — and represents the learning experience of a lifetime.

What does our Diploma Course have to offer?

An inspiring, well-structured training programme based on scientific, evidence-based principles, yet incorporating useful aspects of the holistic approach of Oriental Medicine.
• A course with a wide variety of teaching methods including dynamic, visually stimulating class lectures, ‘hands-on’ practical instruction in therapeutic product blending, and a home study programme supported by printed course notes.
• An accredited professional qualification course that is specifically designed to prepare you for a new career, incorporating a module in practice management and business studies.
• Accessible tuition for motivated English-speaking adults of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.
• An educational approach geared towards the joy of learning, rather than on the pressurized accumulation of facts.
• A modern approach to assessment that encourages students to develop the skills and expertise that will form the basis of their professional work.
• A relaxed learning environment which fosters discussion, cooperation and friendship.
• Approachable and supportive tutors, each of whom is expert in their particular field, with extensive experience as a practitioner.
• A dynamic approach to vocational training, based on bringing out the innate potential within each individual.

With which organization is the course accredited?

The Diploma Course is accredited by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA). IFPA was established in April 2002 by members of three of the UK’s leading Professional Aromatherapy associations, including the Register of Qualified Aromatherapists (RQA), founded by Gabriel Mojay in 1990. With a membership of some 1500 Aromatherapists, IFPA is the world's largest professional Aromatherapy association. Graduates of the Institute’s Diploma Course are automatically eligible for Full IFPA Membership.

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