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Comments from some of our Course Graduates

The following comments are taken from unsolicited letters received mainly from graduates of our Aromatherapy Diploma Course.

“First of all I would like to say how happy I am with the exam results, and then how much I enjoyed the course. It was an opening and I really feel privileged to have such good teachers. Thank you.” Lucie Rousset ~ 12/11/90

“I have enjoyed your enthusiastic style and feel very much that your heart is in what you do.” B Brockwell ~ 29/3/91

“Thank-you again for a most enjoyable and interesting course.” Jane Hornyak ~ 12/4/91

“I would also like to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed the course and appreciate the riches that have been passed on to us during the year.” Veronica Ashworth ~ 8/6/91

“Thank-you for everything you did on the course, your hard work at making it so interesting and informative is very much appreciated.” Olga Bibikof ~ 7/91

“I have enjoyed the course so much, not only due to its content and the great people I've met, but because it has prompted me to explore totally different avenues of how I would like my life to continue, and has stimulated quite wonderful 'side-effects' in me personally. So thanks for that Gabriel.” Jane Jones ~ 1/92

“I'm much enjoying the course, and we have a good bunch of students and good atmosphere.” Alex Laird ~ 15/1/92

“I would like to say I enjoyed the course and found it very interesting. Thank you for all the hard work, time and effort you have put into the course.” Rowena Richmond ~ 30/1/92

“Thank-you for a very interesting, well-run and worthwhile course.” Paulette Camara - 2/92

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful course. I've really enjoyed it, so much that I'd now like to do and Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine course. I think I'm on the road now to a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine.” Geraldine Nolan ~ 2/3/92

“Thank-you for your teaching and my treatments, and for the new world i have discovered, through you and the course.” Ilse Loska ~ 22/3/92

“We miss our classes with you, seems strange after a year not to be going to them, and the friendly family atmosphere generated there.” Andrena Squires ~ 1/6/92

“Thanks for the course, which I enjoyed immensely, and consider the knowledge imparted to be not only extremely interesting, but also very useful.” Jonathan Whitehall ~ 12/6/92

“All said and done, it was a brilliant course - full of knowledge and personal growth. Thank-you, thank-you.” Andrew Choffin ~ 18/8/92

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and gained much from your teaching. Thank you for all your help.” Sue Richter ~ 10/92

“Thank-you for all your hard work this year. It has been wonderful and very inspiring. I think I've got the bug!” Emma Wilson ~ 10/92

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it's opened my mind to many new subjects. All I need now is time to do everything.” Cathy Traynor ~ 1/10/92

"I really enjoyed the course although, at the time I was a little 'homesick' for Australia. I've recently been successful in an application to work in a very forward-moving hospital. They are very open-minded to people wishing to work in areas where their skills can be implemented. Many thanks.” Angela Power ~ 22/11/92

“Thank-you very much for your excellent teaching over the last year or more. I found the course invaluable and have recommended it to various people.” Michele Wolff ~ 14/12/92

“Thank you for your efforts to make the course broad based in the Chinese Tradition and very interesting. It was a gratifying year and one way or the other I'll continue to study.” Janice Walsh ~ 1/93

“Thank-you for such an enjoyable and stimulating year studying aromatherapy. We covered so much that really interested me over the course and I very much enjoyed the way in which we were taught, both by you and the other teachers. I have made some good friends over the year and I am looking forward to starting up on my own.” Elizabeth Brunton ~ 18/3/93

“Thank-you once again, for the time and interest to help me find my way. You've been a really good and inspiring teacher, and the course was great.” Cheryl Gissing ~ 4/93

“I would like to thank you and the other tutors for the hard work and effort put into each of your lectures, making the course most enjoyable and informative.” Michele Stacey ~ 18/5/93

“Thank you for your inspirational teaching, which has led me on to further studies in Chinese medicine.” Louise Minet ~ 22/6/93

“I have enjoyed this class immensely and miss coming to classes.” Fiona Hancock ~ 3/8/93

“Thanks for your, and all the other tutors, expert tuition and encouragement along the way, I really enjoyed coming up to London for the weekend sessions.” Wendy Godden ~ 24/8/93

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for facilitating the course - I very much enjoyed it and now, doing the acupuncture course, am very grateful to your thorough teaching skills in TCM It has given me a good grounding and understanding.” Gina Lenehan ~ 3/11/93

“Thanks once again for a very challenging course - I have recommended it countless times. I look forward to the next stage of my development as an Aromatherapist.” Annita Bowler ~ 17/11/93

“The course content really helped me in lots of ways to'move on' and have the courage to make some giant steps - so thanks to you for being part of these wonderful changes.” Christine Hardy ~ 7/12/93

“I would just like to say how much I am really enjoying this course and the excellent band of lecturers imparting this knowledge is commendable.” Tessa Sullivan ~ 1/94

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have grown and developed with the experience.” Sally-Anne Fenton ~ 4/94

“Thank-you for your excellent tutorage during the year.” Maria Hamilton ~ 15/4/94

“Many thanks, Gabriel, for all your help over the past year. Your teaching, and the world it has opened up to me, has enriched my life to a degree I would not have thought possible a few years ago. I have much to thank you for.” Joan Matthews ~ 14/6/94

“Although it was hard to start I am getting more and more people and most of them keep coming back which makes me feel good. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the course you provided for us throughout last year. I have enjoyed it thoroughly.” Isabelle Gurney ~ 13/7/94

“I would also just like to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it really opened my mind to complementary medicine. The teaching from everyone there is excellent, the atmosphere very relaxed and friendly - and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.” Kendra Harrison ~ 8/94

“I shall take this chance to let you know that I have enjoyed this course so much. I am very glad that I chose this one with its inclusion of Chinese medicine. Thanks for being a sound teacher and teaching me aromatherapy. Your course has changed my life.” Claudine Lacroix ~ 8/94

“I recognise you and your team as beautiful human waves and would like to thank you for passing on such wonderful knowledge. Your course left me in total awe and I feel very fortunate in having attended.” Francesca O’Neill ~ 8/94

“Many thanks for guiding me to a new way of life.” Linda McIntyre ~ 8/94

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course.. and will certainly set about enlarging all the knowledge you have given us.” Trish Schreiber ~ 9/8/94

“We have both found the course very interesting and also quite challenging and thank you for your efforts and encouragement.” Joyce and Ray Knudsen ~ 17/8/94

“I just want to thank you for your concern and support you gave me a that time when things were getting on top of me. I have appreciated that very much! And thank you for the course. I've enjoyed it tremendously and I think it is unique it its way!” Maria Quak ~ 20/8/94

“I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your inspiration into the world of Chinese medicine and aromatherapy, it has sent my life and career into a new direction one I am sure I would not have recognised without the quality of your teaching.” Lydia Griffiths ~ 29/9/94

“I would like you to know how much I enjoyed the course and how much I appreciated the care and kindness that you showed to all of us.” Marlene Saxty ~ 10/1/95

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed attending the aromatherapy course and how valuable it has been to me . I always recommend it whenever possible and hope it continues to prosper.” Anne Rouse ~ 12/1/95

“Thank-you for sending my exam results through so promptly, it made my Christmas, and it certainly added to my families pleasure to celebrate in my success.” Janet Hill ~ 15/1/95

“I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for a most interesting and stimulating course. I now feel confident to go into business.” Sarah Bonthron ~ 12/1/95

“Many thanks for your congratulations and especially for your quick response to my call for help! I really enjoyed the course - I enjoy the work - and just hope it will provide me with a living!” Beverley de Valois ~ 22/2/95

“I should like to thank you for helping me gain my qualification. I should also like to say that I very much enjoyed the course. I found the work on the Case Treatments very rewarding and it was satisfying to be able to put the theory into practice. Many thanks for introducing me to what may be a life-time's work!” Neil Hamilton ~ 2/3/95

“Thank-you for your help and a most enjoyable course.” Jackie Godden ~ 5/3/95

“It is a good feeling to have passed that exam, but my real purpose in writing is to thank you for your year of patient teaching. The generous way in which you shared your knowledge has been an inspiration; and what I've learnt is like a treasure. Thank you for all your efforts - I thoroughly enjoyed the course and already miss the weekends in London.” Anne Neele ~ 29/3/95

“I enjoyed the course so much - it taught me a great deal for which I thank you all.” Eileen Bone ~ 20/4/95

“I feel obliged to say to you a very big thank-you to you, for letting me be a part of your excellent Aromatherapy principles and theories. The more I go over and learn the material, the more enthusiastic I become. I believe it has made me a different, better and more enlightened person.” Paul Stimpson ~ 6/95

“I'd like to thank-you for a really interesting and challenging course. I enjoyed it enormously and already have my eye on the post graduate certificate as a possible further training.” Hilary Clark ~ 30/6/95

“Thank-you for a fantastic course. I hope I will have soon the opportunity to attend some of the ITHMA post-graduate courses. Thank-you again for the brilliant course.” Edit Fahey ~ 27/8/95

“Thank you most sincerely for such an enjoyable and rewarding course and would you please convey my thanks to your staff.” Heather Rogers ~ 10/10/95

“I just wish to say how much I enjoyed doing your course and how interesting you made it.” Helen Keats ~ 20/11/95

“I thoroughly enjoyed your post-graduate course and congratulate you on its content and presentation. I look forward to forthcoming courses.” Nicola Gray ~ 3/12/95

“Thanks again for an interesting and rewarding year at college, which I am now enjoying putting into practice with real clients.” Karen Cohen ~ 29/1/96

“I thoroughly enjoyed your course which facilitated the change in my career.” Alison Glover ~ 14/2/96

“I sometimes wish I was back in the classroom! I had a wonderful time and I want to thank you for opening a new chapter in my life in which I will be very happy. Thank-you for your patience for last year and for getting me through my A&P exam.” Eleanor Kean ~ 28/3/96

“I am really enjoying my work with the drug addicts, alcoholics and psycho-geriatrics at my local hospital. It is so rewarding and I get a huge amount of positive feed back from the clients. It's such a popular therapy that they are trying to find the funds so I can go 'full-time'! I can't believe I've been so lucky! Since coming on your course my life has changed tremendously. I am happier, more at peace with myself than I have been for ages. This rubs off on the family so we are all very grateful to you for making us aware of the gentle natural and very beautiful therapies this earth has to offer.” Liane Deacon ~ 1/5/96

“Thanks for all you help, I enjoyed the course tremendously, although it was hard work, and I know I'll be back for more in the future.” June Campbell ~ 6/5/96

“I would like to take this opportunity in expressing my heartfelt thanks for a unique experience. I would also like to congratulate all of the speakers and guests who gave and shared their knowledge so freely. It has truly been and experience I will not forget. I would also like to thank you personally for delivering and sharing your knowledge and feel privileged being part of the course.” Siggi Hancox ~ 6/96

“Many thanks for an enjoyable and well organised course.” Jane Cluley ~ 10/6/96

“Thanks for a great course. The reasons for me taking it have fallen into place and I've learnt a lot from my time over here. I have got a feel for the 'professional' side of things and for me the real study begins when I get back home to New Zealand.” Sharon Ford ~ 16/9/96

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you for a great course, it has helped develop a whole new area of interest for me and has resulted in opening up new doors to a wide range of experiences.” Marica Chilver ~ 6/10/96

“I have really enjoyed training to be an Aromatherapist and learning everything I have over the past year and a half. Thanks to you and all the others at ITHMA, I have changed my whole way of thinking and lifestyle since starting the June 1995 class!” Claire Bones ~ 16/10/96

“Thank-you, and thank-you for a wonderful course, which I have enjoyed very much, and appreciate the enthusiasm and openness of all your teachers.” Ana Kolpy ~ 22/10/96

“Thank-you so much for everything. Your passion was felt within me and it enabled me to absorb everything in such depth. You have opened the ancient art of healing through oils to me - and my passion continues to grow! I feel my studying days are really only just beginning!!” Rebecca Wheatley ~ 20/1/97

“Thank-you for such a great course - it was geared completely to what I intend to do for a profession.” Diane Wood ~ 23/1/97

“I am now trying to start up a practice doing aromatherapy and MLD and am pleased to say that its not going badly at all! I have found the Chinese medicine a great help in all kinds of situations.” Brina Eidelson ~ 17/2/97

“I hope all is well with you and ITHMA. Please say hello to the tutors for me. I miss those wonderful aromatic weekends!” Sue Robinson ~ 6/3/97

“Many thanks for the work put in over the year. Hard work at times, but well worth it and much appreciated.” Padraig Kelly ~ 24/4/97

“I really enjoyed my course and recommend it highly. I thought the new book was brilliant Gabriel and certainly very helpful.” Joanna Aristodemou ~ 28/5/97

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to yourself and Ruth and your colleagues for the past year on your Diploma course. The experience has been enlightening (I knew quickly that I had chosen the course that was right for me). The wealth of knowledge and experience has been inspirational and I feel privileged to have been a recipient of it.” Daniele Robson-Barlow 6/6/97

“I also want to thank you very much for such a wonderful course. I have found the last year to be truly life-changing. The quality of the teaching, course content and venue was second to none, and I feel that I have received the best training possible. It was a privilege to listen to such experienced lecturers and I particularly found yourself, Carola and Ruth to be inspirational.” Elaine Abel ~ 18/6/97

“I am sorry that the course has come to an end, yet in other ways I'm elated as it has opened new horizons for me. Attending your Diploma course was the best thing that could have happened to me - not only am I very well equipped for a new career, but I also learned to understand myself and what makes me tick - not before time too! My grateful thanks go out to you and all the other tutors and assistants for the excellent training I have received. Hard work in a relaxed, happy and friendly atmosphere in not very easy to achieve - yet this seems to come quite easily at ITHMA. I will always recommend the Institute as being 100% in every respect.” Lesley Baker ~ 9/7/97

“Thank-you for all the help and patience you gave to us all. Your course was really excellent including the people you have chosen to guide us along the way - especially Ruth and Carola. Together with yourself I feel I have received an approach to help the healing process that goes far beyond other courses - you have given us all something very special that I will always value.” Isla Ball ~ 8/7/97

“Thank-you so much for all the training and interesting info on your course. I have also read your latest book and enjoyed it very much.” Sherry Green ~ 22/8/97

“I would like to thank you, as well as all the other people, who made the course so interesting and now hope that I will see you all again in the future on post-graduate courses.” Barbara Fleet ~ 10/9/97

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to graduating.” Tanya Johnson ~ 9/10/97

“I'm really enjoying the oils (postgraduate) course - it's partly a great revision, but also an inspiration with all the updated notes and discussion. People have taken to the Chinese side of your teaching so quickly - and I've spoken to lots of folks who really like and appreciate your teaching style and content and wish they had done the Diploma course!” Penny Borrows ~ 20/10/97

“The world is waiting for your next book; all my love to the other tutors on the course, and when I'm next in London I'll try to visit.” Jim Clack ~ 29/10/97

“Thanks for your inspiring work in your lectures and your lovely book.” Mary Panton ~ 11/97

“Becoming an Aromatherapist has been about a whole lifestyle change, which I am very pleased about. Thanks for guiding my learning and showing me doorways.” Nicola Ashby ~ 25/11/97

“I feel very excited about you approach to the oils, and think that it is a much more holistic, accurate approach to oil selection than any other I have learned or come across. What you explained seems staggeringly precise to me - though it's left me feeling a bit like I want to throw everything I've learnt away, or at least rearrange everything, which is initially daunting. Being able to narrow down disturbances in energy flow to specific organ systems and so to really treat cause and not symptom, I think, will revolutionise what I do.” Victoria Plum ~ 1/12/97

“I was really delighted with my results, and the course was brilliant - thank-you.” Melissa Wright ~ 6/1/98

“I'd like to take the opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the course last year, and I was very sorry when it ended. I found everything we learnt very interesting, and the combination of aromatherapy with Chinese medicine fascinating. I found all the teachers on the course very good.” Sue Goodson ~ 16/1/98

“Pass my regards and thanks on to Gabriel, I enjoyed the energy and spirit of all my tutors.” Kurshid Nurmahamed ~ 2/98

“I would also like to say how much I enjoyed the course and all the wonderful people I met.” Pheona Shrive ~ 1/3/98

“Thanks for your course, it's really changed my life and career and opened up numerous avenues I hope to explore.” Debbie Thompson ~ 12/3/98

“I felt from the onset, and feel more strongly now as I do more work, how lucky I was to find what I consider to be the best aromatherapy course on offer. I'm really missing actually doing the course, but I suppose one has to move on. I was drawn to aromatherapy because I really felt there was something special about essential oils, and the more I use them the more I realise what miraculous properties they have. Thank-you for imparting so much of your knowledge and experience through your course. I think that embarking on the course was probably the most important and rewarding thin I have ever done in my life.” Jane Thurlow ~ 30/4/98

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the other tutors for such a great course. I really enjoyed it! If I had the money, I would do it again just for the pleasure of it.” Isabelle Antunes ~14/5/98

“I would like to thank you for your flexibility. I really appreciate your kindness and understanding. It has been a very complete experience studying at your school; learning an original approach to Aromatherapy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience and for making a different in Medicine of the New Age.” Patricia Simancas Ortiz ~ 11/6/98

“I've been promoting Aromatherapy and the Chinese Diagnosis side of it since I've been back in Trinidad. I was at a workshop and I briefly had to speak about myself and what I do. At the end of it all everyone took a call card from me as all the therapists in the room are excited about what I do and want to come for treatments. I tell you everywhere I have been the response has been truly wonderful. People I don't know are calling me and saying that they have heard that I am recently back from London, and when can they come. I only wish I had more time in England to further my studies. Best of luck with all your endeavours and keep up the grand work you are all doing at ITHMA and thank you again for giving me purpose and drive. I love my work. I love your oils. I love life. Thanks for being great souls you all have touched my soul.” Nisha Ojar ~ 13/7/98

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making me realise how much I enjoyed learning, and how important it is to have a positive attitude. I have found the course content and the tutors very interesting.” Jennifer Ross ~ 14/7/98

“Thank you for a wonderful course which I have found to be extremely beneficial, well-organised and with exceptional notes.” Jenny Lawther ~ 15/7/98

“I am very pleased with my results, having exceeded my personal expectations. I should like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and the rest of the tutors for making such an excellent opportunity available, not only to myself but to many others as well. THANK-YOU! Keep up the good work.” Donna Robbins ~ 27/7/98

“Thanks for an enjoyable, though hard working course.” Janet Cadera ~ 28/7/98

“I am very proud and happy that it is done!! Since I came back from London, I've been working as an Aroma-Shiatsu-Therapist here in Stuttgart. I like what I am doing, and it is getting better and better. As you can see, for me, it was worth spending my time with you. Thank-you for a great time and all your support.” Antje Dohn ~ 10/8/98

“A very big thank-you to you and the rest of the team of ITHMA. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course which was at times also very challenging for me. My intention is to continue to work with all I have gained and expand on the foundations you have offered me. The expertise and support from all of my tutors is greatly appreciated during the time of the course.” Raewyn Chaplin ~ 9/98

“Can I take this opportunity to say how enjoyable I found the course and I look forward to meeting you again in the near future.” Julie Fermor ~ 24/9/98

“Thanks Gabriel - that was a great course - I benefited from it immensely.” Hilary Miflin ~ 13/11/98

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to participate in the Diploma course. The diagnostic method I now use with all my clients (not to mention family and friends!) and feel confident at identifying Patterns of Disharmony although I do realise I have a lot more to learn regarding Chinese Medicine. Should you ever decide to hold a more advanced course, please let me know.” Eve Unerman ~ 28/12/98

“I have spent most of the summer in Australia - the idea is to start a residential centre for workshops/courses etc. I hope that once I have qualified, along with organising everyone else, I will give massages as well! I would like to say how very much I enjoyed the course. You shared an incredible amount of knowledge with us and introduced some amazing people. Thank-you.” Kate Enzer ~ 30/12/98

“I enjoyed the course very much and I thank you for your support.” Lucy Denham ~ 23/1/99

“Thank-you very much for a wonderful course which I enjoyed a lot.” Belen Villafane ~ 29/1/99

“I would like to thank you very much for all your hard work and expertise that has made the course so worthwhile and enjoyable.” Fiona Stuart ~ 8/3/99

“I would like to thank you and everyone at ITHMA for such a great course which I enjoyed very much. I've been using my new found knowledge in a practice in King's Lynn. Business is building up nicely - I hope to be able to give up my part-time job soon and work as an Aromatherapist full-time.” Lisa Moody ~ 6/4/99

“Thank you for a wonderful course. I have now received my Diploma and hope to do post graduate courses in the future.” Louise Page ~ 20/4/99

“Thanks to you and all your colleagues, once again, for all your help and for a most enjoyable and inspiring course.” Melanie Fraser ~ 7/5/99

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful and fulfilling experience and look forward to being your student again in the future. Thank-you for all your help and patience and for being a great teacher.” Rachel Sundstrom ~ 27/5/99

“Thank-you for all your support throughout my course.” Christine Harding ~ 7/99

“May I take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed the course. I have learnt an enormous amount and can't wait to start practising as an Aromatherapist.” Alison Doyle ~ 8/7/99

“I'd like to say Gabriel, that I found the course incredibly stimulating, thorough and 'expanding'. It has been so much more than simply a career change and I look forward to more study in the future which will take me further along this path.” Julia Brammer ~ 20/8/99

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am of having done the training with you. Hope you carry on with all the good work and please let me know when ever you publish a new book.” Maria Gonzalez-Moro ~ 3/11/99

“Also I wanted to say a big thank-you for running such an excellent course at ITHMA. It has been one of the best things I've ever done. The teaching was excellent, the staff lovely, intelligent and inspiring and the course wide and varied. Great venue too. Can't wait to come back and learn some more!” Jane Walker ~ 9/11/99

“I'd like to thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed it very much and despite having found the first six months overwhelming I do feel as if I've got to grips with it now an look forward to working as an Aromatherapist.” Mary Thompson ~ 12/99

“Just to say, thank you for a fantastic course - I learnt a lot and it was very fulfilling and I'm looking forward to receiving my Diploma.” Caroline Ansell ~ 6/12/99

“I can't thank you enough for all of your kindness and support over the last year and a half. Meeting you and learning from you has had a profound influence on my life. I hope through e-mail, newsletters, post-grad courses, that I will be able to remain in occasional contact with you and your work. Without your kindness and understanding, I would never have been able to take part in this most inspiring and rewarding course. ” Mark Edgerton ~ 28/1/00

“A big thank you for giving such a wonderful, albeit intensive & challenging course!! In retrospect I am glad for the challenge of the course as I do feel that it has stretched me in more ways than one (mentally, physically & spiritually)!” Vivienne Lee ~ 26/10/2000

“Many, many thanks to you and all the staff involved in the ITHMA course – it, truly, has been a wonderful experience. I feel the amount of case study work is good, especially when working with one person over a period of time. The developments and experiences are invaluable, cosmic in some cases! I certainly don’t feel like a beginner any more.” Maggie Norris ~ 11/11/2000

“Thank you for the course, it’s been extremely helpful in to me in regaining my focus.” Celia Dickson ~ 26/11/2000

“I would just like to say that the Aromatherapy Diploma course is excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that I had something to work towards that meant a lot to me, helped me through some difficult times last year. It’s an excellent course and I hope its success continues in the future.” Kerry Curtis ~ 24/12/2000

“Thank you so much for your wonderful lectures during the course and also the precious advice for the assignments.” Megumi Yamaoka ~ 5/2001

“I really appreciate your kindness and introduction to aromatherapy. Now I am doing aromatherapy treatments. I like to make people more relaxed. My friends read ‘Aromatherapy For Healing the Spirit’ (Japanese version) – they said it’s very interesting.” Yoko Omoto ~ 3/9/2001

“I’ve really enjoyed doing the case studies, especially when you think you know someone and then during the course of the treatment (and consultation) all sorts of other things come out. It’s wonderful to have the Five Elements as a structure to work within – I’m so glad I did your course!” Penny Tyler ~ 10/10/2001

“I would like to say that I found the Diploma course excellent, albeit very intensive, and am glad that I have done my aromatherapy training with both yourself and the ITHMA tutors.” Sue Ingram ~ 18/11/2001

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your teaching, advice and guidance throughout the past few years, helping me obtain my Diploma at last.” Charlotte Toomey ~ 1/2002

“Thank you for your teaching. It will always be in my mind all along my career as an aromatherapist.” Eun Hee-Lim ~ 1/2002

“Thank you for your immense patience and understanding, Gabriel. I have so enjoyed this course and I am really looking forward to your classroom this year for some post-graduate training.” Wendy Jackson ~ 1/2002

“Thank you for your time and for a very interesting and enjoyable course.” Doreen Uzice ~ 4/3/2002

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the course. My attending was a last minute decision, but what a good one.” Kate Chalk ~ 6/5/2002

“Thank you so much for a very inspiring and enjoyable weekend on your course. It has certainly opened up many areas for me and I’m excited about using my new knowledge in my work with essential oils.” Alice Rugheimer ~ 4/2/2003

“I have found the course immensely enjoyable and informative, and have learnt a lot. I am now keen to consolidate it all but hope in due course to do further ITHMA courses.” Helen Oram ~ 28/7/2003

“I don’t think I ever got a chance to say that I very much enjoyed the course, and the more Aromatherapy I do, the more I appreciate the TCM for diagnosis. I’m looking forward to doing some more ITHMA courses next year. ” Annemarie Derrick ~ 10/2005

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful course. It certainly has changed my life!” Claire Warren ~ 10/2005

“I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the course, it was an exciting journey for me. I now need to consolidate my learning and hope to undertake more studying in the near future. This course has opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for all your help and patience.” Susan Paul ~ 4/12/2005

“May I reiterate how much I enjoyed the course and thank you SO much for sharing so much knowledge, all your enthusiasm, dedication and humour! I look forward to doing some other courses with ITHMA as I really enjoyed this one and learned a huge amount.” Sarah Montgomery ~ 30/5/2006

“Thank-you for offering us such interesting classes. I really enjoyed the whole experience and everything I learned from ITHMA.” Fumino Narimatsu ~ 20/12/2005

“I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for an amazing course. It has quite literally changed my life and I hope that my career as an alternative therapist goes from strength to strength. I will continue to develop my skills and look forward to doing more courses with you.” Abby Irish ~ 21/12/2005

“I would also like to take this opportunity to tank you ever so much for the training and education that I have from you and the Institute. I have enjoyed the course immensely, and very much look forward to my practice in aromatherapy.” Janna Smith ~ 8/2007

“Thank-you, once more, for a very comprehensive Diploma Course and for all your efforts to make it enjoyable as well as informative. The year has flown by and I have learnt huge amounts to carry forward into my own practice which is already looking promising.” Carol McLuckie ~ 2/10/2007

“Huge thanks to you and all our tutors at ITHMA who so expertly guided us through the course to achieve such good results.” Lesley Hector ~ 10/11/2007

“I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed studying at the institute and certainly will come back to do the postgraduate courses next year.” Kyoko Pennell ~ 15/11/2007

“I enjoyed by time at the college immensely and look forward to going into practice early next year.” Victoria Braithwate ~ 27/11/2007

“I really enoyed the course and am learning more with every client.” Alison Klenczon ~ 3/1/2008

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a very good course which I found very interesting and informative.” Susan Sheedy ~ 21/1/2008

“Thank-you for making the last year or so one of the most rewarding I have ever had.” Samantha Allen ~ 4/3/2008

“Thank-you for a wonderful course, it has been hard work combining the workload with my other commitments but very worthwhile. I really feel I have accomplished something. I have been missing my fellow students and coming up to Regent's University (previously Regent's College) but hopefully I will be able to meet them and yourself on future courses.” Heather Bilton ~ 2/7/2010

“Thanks for all your patience with me completing my course. It has been a real journey for me and I am just completely overjoyed to have made it to the end. And my certificate is beautiful. Thank-you so very much. I feel very privileged to have studied under you.” Fiona Barnes ~ 27/4/2011

“Thank you for a fantastic year at Regents College. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course look forward to completing it and become a practicing Aromatherapist.” Mandy Smith ~ 24/7/2011

“Thank you very much for this part of the Aromatherapy journey, and for sharing your knowledge with such an open mind and heart.” Margot Leiber ~ 26/7/2011

“Many, many thanks for a wonderful, enjoyable year of learning with you, Gabriel. You're a really great teacher! I'm gutted it's over.” Famela Medina ~ 26/7/2011

“I have really enjoyed the course and meeting all the fabulous people in our group. Thanks again for a fantastic course.” Lorraine Waldron ~ 31/7/2011

“Thank-you very much for your wonderful lectures. All the tutors were brilliant. I really the enjoyed the Aromatherapy Diploma Course, and was especially keen on your lectures combining aromatherapy with Oriental medicine.” Naho Heneker ~ 31/7/2011

“I would liketo take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed the course and how incredibly interesting it has been (and I look forward to continuing learning!). Thank-you again for everything you do for the students and for Aromatherapy generally speaking.” Leila Denison-Pender ~ 3/8/2011

“I just want to thank you again for all your hard work in putting together an amazing course, taught by people who are not only authoritative, but clearly passionate about their profession. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time at ITHMA and intend doing further study in the near future.” Deborah Taylor ~ 23/7/2014

“Thank you so much for being such a great tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to my continued learning with ITHMA." Denise Dopwell ~ 27/10/2014